Friday, November 25, 2011

Does Masturbation Improve Prostate Health?

Masturbation has been long associated with numerous myths and it is often a taboo subject in many parts of the world. It is as if humans are meant to derive pleasure from others and not on their own!

The world of sex has undergone paradigm shifts and masturbation is today viewed as a channel for stress relief, a tool for sexual stimulation and an outlet for a better prostate health. There is a definite risk of sexually transmitted diseases and infections during sexual intercourse and masturbation is free from these dangerous consequences of sexual intercourse.

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Hitherto masturbation was wrongly associated with an enlarged prostate. Research has shown a positive correlation between increased frequency of ejaculations (whether through intercourse, nocturnal emissions or masturbation) and good prostate health. The prostate contributes to a major share of the volume of the semen. Animal studies have shown that carcinogens found in cigarette smoke and environmental toxins concentrate in the prostatic fluid and the more often one flushes out the prostate gland, seminal vesicles and the ejaculatory ducts the less are the chances of cancer of the prostate.

Men beyond the age of forty are prone to prostate illnesses. Prostate enlargement whether benign or malignant can cause undue suffering. Benign enlargements need lifelong therapy and frequent monitoring. Cancer of the prostate is far more deadly and one has to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to minimize the spread of the disease. Substantial benefits can be derived from preventive measures like herbs for prostate enlargement and a diet that includes foods rich in lycopene, selenium and Vitamin E, but they are not a cure in their own right.

How does masturbation actually help prevent enlargement of the prostate? One can only hypothesize the situation. During an orgasm (either by way of intercourse or masturbation) the thin sheet of muscle that encircles the gland contract vigorously leading to shrinking of the gland. Some of the prostate medicines work in a similar way of contracting the thin sheet of muscles around the prostate. Thus orgasms or prostate medications serve the same purpose - to contract the muscles and shrink the gland. Regular masturbation keeps the tone of these muscles in good state and also keeps the size of the prostate gland under check.

So go ahead, please yourself! Preventing prostate cancer and prostate enlargements can be a truly pleasurable experience!

Does Masturbation Improve Prostate Health?

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