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Police Background Checks - Police Reference Check

A police background check goes by a lot of names. It is sometimes called criminal records checks, criminal background checks, police record checks. It is also referred to as police reference checks or criminal reference checks. However, the preferred term is "background check" because the term "criminal records check" might be misleading. You might be misled to believe that a person's criminal history is the only information provided on the person's criminal record. In truth, a police report also contains information about a particular individual. These could include information about a person's mental or psychological health, pending charges, charges that have been cleared or acquitted, non-conviction cases or allegations of any sort. The bottom line is, you have had any contact with the police or have become associated with the police for any reason, you may have a police record in existence.

There are many reasons for asking for a police background check. People who wish to volunteer for activities, those applying for a job, those who wish to rent an apartment, obtain a license for their businesses may have to obtain one that they can present to their prospective schools, regulators, employers, agencies or landlords. This background check can help an organization to determine whether you are the right person for the activity or for the job. This background check will give them a better idea of your trustworthiness, integrity and honesty and will ultimately enable to decide your suitability for a position. A background check is sometimes part of the screening protocol that includes reference checks, application forms and face-to-face interviews.

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If you wish to obtain a police background check, request forms are usually available from your local police station. Individuals can submit the application form themselves at the local station or go directly to the police headquarters. Sometimes, an agreement between employers, agencies and police departments exist so that the employer may submit the reference check on behalf of his prospective applicant. When presenting a check, you may have to bring identification documents such as a passport or a driver's license to verify the identity and address of those wishing to acquire one. Be prepared to shell out some money when obtaining one. The fee usually varies from once police station to the next, but the fees are usually between to . Sometimes, the employer may cover the cost or the agency may have an agreement with the police station to waive the cost of the check.

Police Background Checks - Police Reference Check

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