Sunday, November 6, 2011

Promote Employee Health - Get Water Coolers For the Office

Invest in the good health of your employees and get water coolers for your office. Besides the fact that European laws state fresh water sources be made available to people in the workplace, promoting health and wellness ultimately means higher productivity for your business.

The Facts about Employee Hydration

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When there is no ready access to fresh water sources, employees are more likely to fill up on less healthy drinks like caffeinated coffee and sugar-laden sodas and juices. Caffeine and sugary drinks do provide a brief burst of energy but employees end up drinking more and more to maintain that energy and focus. Add the relatively sedentary atmosphere in a traditional office and ultimately, they gain weight which eventually translates to health problems.

What happens when an employee gets sick? Less work gets done which means less productivity in the workplace. In addition, it can also cost money to health benefit costs because the employee has to go to the doctor. By simply introducing water coolers in the office, you can promote better employee health and boost productivity.

Benefits of Water

Approximately two-thirds of the human body is water weight and the brain itself is over 80% water. There is an obvious connection between sufficient hydration, overall good health, energy and brainpower. The more water a person drinks, the more alert their brain is and more energetic their bodies are. Digestion improves and metabolism increases with proper water consumption. Skin texture becomes less dull and more vibrant looking while joint aches and pains are reduced. Water flushes away many toxins in the body, making it nature's ultimate drink.

Providing clean and fresh water sources in the office means that employees are naturally going to drink more water. Instead of sitting at their desks, they will bring their refillable bottles and cups to the cooler and get a little exercise too when retrieving their water. Drinking water also means eating less, particularly calorie laden snacks. Employees will be more equipped to drink the right amount of water when coolers are made available to them.

Ultimately, your office will save money by investing in water coolers for the employees. Drinking water creates a domino effect - a healthier employee leads to lower health care costs and lower absenteeism which means higher productivity, more creative energy and a better financial bottom line for your company. Water simply makes smart financial sense for your business.

Promote Employee Health - Get Water Coolers For the Office

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