Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Spiritual Check-up

Now is a great time for a self check-up. The new year is here and you have probably renewed your resolutions from last year. Why settle for failed resolutions again when you can have guaranteed results. The results I'm talking about are the ones that will take you to the next level of performance, promise and purpose.

Not another year of disappointment, defeat and disillusionment.

Health Check

This is not a physical or mental check-up, it is a check of your spiritual man to make sure that you are prospering eternally and externally in accordance to the promises and purpose of God.

Let's begin our spiritual check up by inspecting our fruit, this will be a major indicator of what is going great and where we need to change.

Then we'll look at how we can increase our efforts to get even better results throughout the year. Followed by identifying strategies to increase our fortitude, the inner strength we'll need to complete the journey we have before us.

God has assembled each of us here for his purpose and cause, in this specific time period and particular place. This cause is bigger than just your needs.

We should be sharing/sowing fruit daily, spurring each other towards love and good deeds. Some of our fruit are peace, love and forgiveness. The areas of life that we are responsible for sharing and showing others.

These are the tools that we have at our disposal to build bridges from us to other people so that God can come across.

If you harbor prejudice, hatred or have not forgiven someone then you are unable to bear fruit and you stand where you are today, because you have failed to fulfill your spiritual purpose and you should take a deeper look inside yourself, to determine why you are not progressing in this important area of life.

Having a brilliant career and a great personal life will seem unimportant if they are centered around emotional indulgence instead of spiritual progress.

How can one change their spiritual condition or situation?

First, let me warn you, that you can't reach any level of true spirituality without obeying the first tenet, which requires that you must be born again. Not just a mere spring cleaning but a rebuilding of the whole house.

Then it takes consistent and regular habits of prayer and meditation. I'm not talking about the habit that some have become accustomed too of pronouncing affirmations once or twice as if they were a magical incantation.

Could you practice on the piano occasionally and yet expect to be able to play well on any desired occasion?

To strengthen your spirit you need to build up a faithful daily habit of prayer and begin exercising a true love-consciousness, then the rest of the spiritual development will follow after that.

Some people pray only when they are in trouble or on their Sabbath and then, they find it hard to get any sort of meaningful results. Maybe you have heard the old adage, " little prayer, little power; much prayer, much power."

Sooner or later, through trouble or triumph, you will find the need to put God first in your life, but it must be the first thing. When this happens you will find that you have gotten rid of the mental junk that people try to carry around with them.

You'll spend less time pursuing material possessions and stuff, our artificial needs, things that don't really matter and only waste time and energy. Your life will become simpler and quieter, but spiritually richer and infinitely more worthwhile.

A Spiritual Check-up

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