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Vitamins and Supplements For Prostate Health

Men over forty should always be concerned with prostate health and get regular check-ups. Prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer related deaths in men. It is the number one cause of cancer related deaths in men over seventy-five. Even after over fifty years of research, there is no known cure for prostate cancer. Still, studies have shown promise that early detection, diet, and proper vitamin and mineral intake, can help you keep your prostate healthy.

Prostate tumors are made of living tissues that actually leech vitamins and nutrients from your system, leaving you more vulnerable to the disease. This is why it is so important for men of all ages to watch their diets carefully and make sure that they are getting their daily allowances of vitamins. Since this task is sometimes impossible, supplementation is almost always recommended by physicians.

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It is not known why, but prostate tumors can soak up just about all of the vitamin C that you have in your system. Vitamin C is essential for collagen formation, healthy teeth and gums, bone health, defense against free radical damage, and a healthy immune system. Our vitamin C requirements can increase as we age, if we smoke, exercise, drink alcohol, take medications, or have any health problems. There are many genetic, physiological and environmental circumstances that can change your vitamin requirements, so you should talk to your doctor before you buy vitamins.

As men age, it becomes more and more important for them to focus on their prostate health. A diet low in saturated fat is recommended. When saturated fat is cooked, it releases free radicals that attack the nucleus and DNA of prostate cells, as well as many other cells in the body, resulting in cancer-causing mutations. It is believed that a diet high in fat and other environmental factors that increase free radical production put men at high risk for developing prostate cancer. Food additives, pollution, smoking and medications can cause oxidative stress in the body. You can protect your prostate cells by taking a daily multivitamin supplemented with extra antioxidants that attack free radicals and combat oxidative stress.

Another problem with prostate disorders is inflammation. Inflammation of the prostate causes it to swell up around the urethra causing problems with urination and the health of the prostate. This is how many men discover that they have prostate issues. Vitamins that reduce and prevent inflammation include vitamin C, A, B6, E, and D.

Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that both attack and flush out free radicals, in addition to combating inflammation. Additionally, they form a protective shield around cells, actually inhibiting the spread of cancer. When combined with diet low in fat and high in fruits and vegetables, you can greatly improve your prostate's health. Vitamins and supplements can help you to protect yourself and boost your prostate's defenses. There may be other factors that determine your personal daily requirements for many vitamins, so it is and minerals, so it is advisable that you get some direction from your doctor before you buy vitamins.

Vitamins and Supplements For Prostate Health

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