Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why is prolonged Sitting Bad For Your Health?

If you watched Ctv last night in Canada, you will see that the government is warning workers that prolonged sitting is now no longer good for your wide health. It is an area that I have been discussing in relation to your skeletal health, but now the government is warning workers in places such as call centers and workers on computers, that many healing conditions are negatively linked to the inactivity caused by prolonged sitting.

The presuppose for this claim is quite plainly that are bodies are not designed for inactivity. Our bodies are designed for the involved corporal operation of appealing our whole body; and that creates corporal operation in our muscles and throughout the internal mechanism of our body.

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When we are just passively sitting, doing minimal corporal activity; our whole body just slows right down. The body becomes sedentary, losing all its internal corporal operation that is involved with corporal movement. The body internally becomes sedentary; even though the digestive system is still in full operation, by us appealing plenty of food and drinks.

Why is prolonged Sitting Bad For Your Health?

Our lack of muscular movement means that our metabolism slows down, which has a knock-on effect to our digestion, our heart and blood, our glands, kidneys liver etc. It basically slows everything down, so that we learn to remain continually sluggish in all our systemic organs.

Too many sugary drinks, instead of water give rise to diabetes, because the lack of movement activity. It prevents conversion of the sugar to glucose for feeding the muscle tissues; instead it becomes stored instead of being used in activity. I am no physiologist, but our body is designed to do more physically and not store sugar in prolonged sitting.

It does not have to be like this!

Sitting can be a much more dynamic position; if you learn to sit on your pelvic bones, rather than leaning back on the backrest of the chair.

To do this you do not want to sit in the central part of the chair and only lean back until you feel your body weight running vertically down your spine to your pelvic bones. The equilibrium of your body weight is now on your pelvic area. It means that you can move your legs quite easily.

I call this position 'ergonomic sitting', because you are in a position of movement with your arms and legs. Think of riding a bicycle; where you are sitting on your pelvic bones for cycling. In this position you can use your hands on the computer and do not want a back for your sitting position.

Imagine your body is like a sapling tree in the wind. The spine is strong and will not fall apart, but can be moved nearby by leaning on one side or the other and the only effect it will have is to shift the weight off one pelvis or the other. This is prominent to do for providing oxygen to the tissues where the blood is compressed out of the area and needs more oxygen to replenish the area.

These are not major movements, but equilibrium changing movements that encourage active mobility inside of your body for generating the internal organs to take further action.

Prolonged sitting will soon come to be a negative healing term in the healing dictionary, because of the long term negative effects that it has on our wide body. We need to think about ways to counteract sedentary sitting and turn it into a position of movement, which is easy if you learn how to sit "ergonomically".

Ergonomic sitting has been explained as a way of preserving the safety of your spine, while encouraging active movement. This position encourages more active movement, because your feet and arms are free to move; any movement in any of your limbs will impact on the position of your spine, creating the much needed operation that your body desires.

Why is prolonged Sitting Bad For Your Health?

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